Can You Dig Superfly Seventies?

The 1970s were a special decade in the history of film. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you.

Superfly Seventies is an attempt to recreate the week-to-week madness that was filmgoing some mind-boggling 50 years ago. A time when, just a decade prior, big-budgeted studio movies traveled the country as roadshow productions and played for years at downtown bijous. The 1960s saw a ton of movies, but many of them weren’t memorable. Then, in 1968, the MPAA was formed and suddenly all hell broke loose.

The 1970s were a permissive time at the movies. Suddenly, big name filmmakers were given carte blanche and turned out some of the most iconic movies of the 20th century, filmmakers such as Spielberg, Scorsese, Lucas, Kubrick and Coppola. Adult theaters began attracting the company of the average American moviegoer instead of the lonely guy in the raincoat crowd. Drive-ins and grindhouses found their footing in the exploitation biz, cranking out a veritable cornucopia of B-movie wackiness with subgenres that included Blaxploitation, sexploitation, hicksploitation, Bruceploitation, hell, even freaking nunsploitation peppered our shores from week to week. Imports were being brought over, dubbed and retitled multiple times in an effort to squeeze as much dough from the same movie multiple times. We even saw ripoffs of big movies that often played right alongside those big movies. It seemed like nothing was off-limits, and that’s what makes the decade so fascinating to me.

It seems as though there is no better way to emulate the joy of all this weirdness being flung at you at such an unrelenting clip than to experience it first-hand all over again, which is what I intend to do. My commitment to you is to watch and review every movie from the 1970s on the day it opened, on the 50th anniversary of its release. I’ve done my homework and that is nearly 3,700 movies to review over the course of 10 years. It’s a project I’ve thought about tackling for years and the time is finally right.

See you in 2020.

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