Pleasure Plantation

Like so many cheaply made, bargain-basement sex shows that desperately strive to convince you they’re something more than they are, “Pleasure Plantation” plays like a tug-of-war between competing movies, neither of which is destined to bring moviegoers much pleasure.

Half of “Pleasure Plantation” is a “Gone With the Wind”-style costume drama about a family’s control over their pre-Civil War plantation and the conniving lengths to which they’ll go to seize that control from one another. The other half, the half by which the raincoat crowd will most likely be drawn to considering that titillating title that doesn’t exactly scream “Oscar Nominee,” is a dabbling of skeezy scenes in which the performers quite literally roll in the hay for what often feels like an eternity.

No matter which half of “Pleasure Plantation” piques your curiosity the most, I can bet the bayou your curiosity will not be rewarded, lest your tolerance for sitting through 20 straight minutes of shirtless foreplay far exceeds my own. There’s no passion to the sex in “Plantation,” which is a shame because it’s the one half of the movie where the acting shouldn’t have to seem as awful as it is in the other half.

Then again, perhaps I am expecting too much out of director Jerry Denby, whose previous credits (“Erika One,” “A Piece of Her Action,” “Banned”) flat-out guarantee I won’t be attending any Jerry Denby retrospectives in the near future.


Rated: Not rated but contains violence and frank nudity

Director: Jerry Denby

Starring: William Scope, Kim Pope

★ (out of ★★★★)

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